Partner Club Registration

Interested in having your Club join in? Fill out the form below and ROTARY’S GREAT ONTARIO FISHING RAFFLE will in return:

  • Activate your Club name in the In Support of List on the Rafflebox ticket window.
  • Connect you with your Raffle Team Liaison
  • Send you an invoice from “Rotary’s Great Ontario Fishing Raffle” for the Registration Fee of $250 via return e-mail to your named Liaison.
  • Send you a digital file of a sample of the 11 x 17 poster with Logos in place that you can use to assist you in selling your 12 different sponsorships.

Then all you need to do is start selling your 12 “Different” Sponsorships at $100 each.

Your Raffle Team Liaison will be the one to tell you what information you need to collect from your sponsors and how you can forward the funds and information.

The “Club Name” below would like to register, for a fee of $250.00, as a Partner Club in ROTARY’S GREAT ONTARIO FISHING RAFFLE.  We are aware of, understand and agree to the partnership terms as explained to us.

Our Club Liaison for this project will be:

Example: 123-456-7890
Example: Rotary Club of ...
The ISO statement can be an event, an organization, a build project, the name of the Club Committee that will disperse the funds. Whatever will benefit your club and its charitable work while at the same time motivating your club and it’s prospective local ticket purchasers.
Rotary's Great Ontario Fishing Raffle
Rotary's Great Ontario Fishing Raffle poster sample